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Number 1 Glass vs. Paper Bottle Case
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Made by us

Number 1 Glass vs. Paper Bottle Case

Glass vs. Paper!

So, are Paper Bottles the future for sustainable wine bottling? Have we cracked it (pun fully intended) or is it just a fad that will pass? We're pretty confident that we are onto something here. Something that could revolutionise the wine industry (and my it's needed). Just holding the paper bottle makes you realise how much lighter it is and how much that would impact the carbon footprint of transporting the wine and then there are the recycling benefits. For example, the UK only recycles around 70% of its glass. The rest ends up in landfill. That continues to shock us on a daily basis. 

But does it impact the taste of the wine? Does it feel the same when pouring it? How does it look on the table? What would a guest think? So many questions to be answered! So to help answer them we've created this comparison case. Three bottles of Number 1 in our conventional glass bottle and three in our new paper bottle. The perfect way to really find some answers. We'd love to hear what you think too, so drop us a note when you've put them to test and let us know! 

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Our aim at The English Vine is to be 100% non-glass packaging over the next five years. However we now need you, our customers, to come along with us on this journey and help break down those preconceptions about non-glass packaging for wine. Thanks for being part of this! 

  • Vintage 2020
  • Grape Bacchus
  • Vegan Yes
  • Organic No


  • White
  • ABV 11%
  • Essex

Our Number 1 White Wine, now in a paper bottle! Yes, really, a paper bottle. It's 30% lighter than a standard glass bottle which dramatically cuts its carbon footprint but still tastes just as good!


  • White
  • ABV 11%
  • Essex

The magic about wine is that every situation can call for a different type but sometimes the last thing you want to think about is that. Well, we have gone and made our very own easy-drinking Bacchus which is the perfect No1 go-to wine for any situation.

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