Vine Fresh Taster Case 4.0

Vine Fresh Taster Case 4.0

3 bottle case

Want to sample three stand out bottles to kick off 2022 in style? Then look no further. Taken from our 6 bottle Vine Fresh 4.0 case, these are a selection of English Wines we've found from around the country that we feel are worthy of making it onto our site. Read on to see what we've found: 

First up is the London Cru Pinot Noir Précoce. An English Red made in London and we loved this from the moment we discovered it. Made in Fulham, it's a red with a lovely balance that makes it very drinkable and is one of those wines that just gets better and better with every sip. We're big fans as you can tell and London Cru is definitely one to watch in the coming years if this is anything to go by.  

Then we have the Shotley Bubbles from Suffolk. A charming vineyard situated on the banks of the River Orwell run by Charlotte and her husband. Their Bubbles is made in the same method as Prosecco and is brilliant value for money for an English Sparkling Wine at under £20 a bottle. This was a stand out success over Christmas and it will open your eyes on how great value English Sparkling can be! 

Last but not least, something a bit different. Something for those looking for new experiences. New Hall have taken the bold step of adding oakiness to their traditionally delicate Bacchus grape. This is dangerous and you will get noticed.  But in this case New Hall, brilliant as they are, have taken it on and and pulled it off. If you like an oaked Sauvignon Blanc, you'll love this. 

So there you have it. Three of our latest, must-try English Wines all in one case for you to sample. The perfect hobby for January!



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Every couple of months we combined the best wines we've discovered into a Vine Fresh Case. This, the 4.0, is from January 2022. 


  • White
  • ABV 11.5
  • Essex

Adding a little oakiness to this Bacchus grape, could go really right or really wrong. But in this case New Hall, brilliant as they are, have taken on this danger and pulled it off.


  • Red
  • ABV 12.5%
  • London

This is an adventurous wine that wants to live. It wants to be in your glass and wants you to enjoy it. From the wax top to the last glass this little adventure will take you on a wine journey and a half. It is also currently found at some of London poshest restaurants including the Dorchester. Try this if you like light reds!


  • Bubbles
  • ABV 12%
  • Suffolk

Move over Italy! A fun Suffolk Prosecco! Another bubbles that is made in the Charmalt method and gets on the list for under £20. Spot on we say - easy drinking and great value for money.

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