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Number 1 Keg

Summer in a bottle

  • 75CL

What do they say?

They don't because we made this beauty ourselves.

What does the English Vine say?

The magic about wine is that every situation can call for a different type but sometimes the last thing you want to think about is that. Think Thursday night when it has been a hard day at work, think Saturday when it’s been a fun day with the kids but you're shattered, think the dinner party with good friends and you want an easy drinking, enjoyable wine that all will love. Well, this is what we've only gone and made - this easy drinking Bacchus, created by us, is the go-to wine for any situation.

Refillable options:

The Vine Refillable Bottle

  • Get our Vine Refillable bottle brimmed with wine directly from this keg. It holds a full bottle of wine¬†(750ml), is dish-washer friendly and keeps wine chilled for up to 24 hours. The wine will last 3-4 days before needing to be drunk and can be refilled using the¬†pouches below.

A Glass in a Pouch 

  • Want to try the wine first? Great. Buy this pouch, try out a glass and see what you think.¬†The pouch is 100% recyclable¬†and we include a free-post envelope to ensure it goes to the right place to be¬†recycled¬†as it can vary from council to council if put in your recycling.¬†¬†

A Bottle in a Pouch

  • A full 750ml bottle of wine in a fully recyclable pouch. You can sit this in your fridge, decant it, add it into one of our Vine refillable bottles or just any bottle you have around the house.¬†Removing the glass bottle reduces the carbon footprint by¬†39%*, is fully recyclable and cheaper to buy too. We'll¬†include a free post envelope to ensure it goes to the right place to be¬†recycled¬†as it can vary from council to council if put in your home recycling bin.



* See more here:


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The Electric Vine Van. It's like a milk float - it's still electric but instead of delivering milk - it’s delivering wine directly to your doorstep. It costs less than buying the equivalent bottle, better for the environment and you’ll wine is delivered direct to your door every Friday. Easy. 

Not only that, but it’s delicious wine taken directly from the keg and poured into 100% refillable wine bottles, removing the need for any glass bottle or packaging (removing almost 50% of the carbon footprint of a wine bottle*). 

Simply choose from a range of our favourite English and guest wines, still fresh in their kegs and we'll deliver them to your door each Friday, ready for the weekend. We'll then come back the following Friday, pick up your empties and replace them with freshly filled bottles. You can reorder each week depending on how big or small you want to go… 

Our first Electric Vine Van launches in Essex, so if that’s you, go ahead and order from our collection. You put a deposit down on the bottle when you first order and get your first fill on us. We will also contact you to confirm your next delivery date and give details on how to re-order. If you're not in Essex, you can get the refillable bottle filled with a wine of your choice as a one-off purchase. You get to keep the bottle, enjoy the wine and show off in front of your friends when you’re next down the park…

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Guaranteed great chat (depending on how much we enjoyed the wine the night before).

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