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Happy Birthday Case!
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Happy Birthday Case!

We are 2 years old!

As Jerry Seinfeld once said; "Having a 2 year old is like having a blender without a lid."

That's kinda how we feel when we reflect on the past 2 years. But wow, it's been worth it. We've gone from a tiny pop-up bar in Shoreditch back in 2019 to the UK’s leading English Wine merchant today and that is incredibly humbling. But we're equally proud of this. You should be too. Without you, we'd still be back in that bar wondering what to do next. You found us. You shouted about us. You put up with our bad jokes. You bought our wine and came back to buy more again and again. So without you, we wouldn't be here. That is something we'll always be grateful for and why we will alway put you first.

Right enough with the sentimental stuff. We've bought together 6 of Neil's favourite wines into one case, all of which have played a big part in the journey so far and each with a special story to tell. So please grab a case, sit down and give a big cheers to yourself for making this all possible.

Here's the lowdown: 

Davenport Horsmonden: Wine makers come in all shape and sizes. Some are lovers, some are engineers and some are chemists. Each wine maker has their own style. But it was William Davenport who once told me that he wanted the grapes to do the talking for him. And that is what sets him apart and why this sophisticated, elegant white makes the list. 

Chapel Down Kits Coty: I did a double take of this bottle when I first tasted this. I just feel in love with it... which was shortly followed by my friends taking the p*ss when I tried to tell them so. This wine is so much fun. It does not matter if I am having it with dinner or with breakfast (joking!) it always makes me smile. I save this for special occasions as it does have a price tag associated with it.

Toppesfield Rosé: I made a promise to myself when I left my last job only to only work with nice people. Jane at Toppesfield is incredibly nice. Probably one the nicest in the English Wine industry and luckily for us makes awesome wines too. Her rosé, best described as an English summer in a glass, is perfect and gets 10/10 on the Neil Walker scale of wine.

Westwell Pelegrim: The blind tasted we did of English Sparkling Wine vs. champagne was a nervous moment for us. What if champagne won? Would I have to go into French wine? Would this be the shortest company in history? To calm my nerves I cracked open a bottle of Westwell Pelegrim and...o la la I said, this is divine. Thankfully, it did not let me down during the tasting and took the winning honours and subsequently shot to fame. Keep it up Westwell! Global domination is set to continue.

Number 1: The day I decided to get into wine in New Zealand (thank you Felton Road Bannockburn Pinot Noir) I knew I needed to make a wine. It is called Number 1 as it is my first wine, however I should have thought ahead as we cant call my second wine Number 2.... Style is easy drinking with a bit of fun, like me! The nervous moment for me was not to have a Master of Wine taste it, but have my mum try it for the first time, thankfully she likes it!

Winbirri Signature aka The Norfolk Rioja: I will never forget drinking the sample Lee (the winemaker) had given me. I was having a wispa, watching Man United vs Burnley and life couldn't get any better in that moment. This wine is a constant best seller and continues to be our go-to English Red for when folks ask for an English Red recommendation.

Right, that's the lot. Thanks again and like any 2 years old birthday party, go out there cause some trouble...

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  • White
  • ABV 11.5
  • Sussex

Another amazing organic white wine from Kent. English Vine’s CEO declares it has a little bit of magic and you must drink this on a Friday night in when you want to spoil yourself.


  • Bubbles
  • ABV 11%
  • Kent

Recommended by a customer who only drinks sparkling wines and champagne, the CEO decided to try it on his birthday. Before the bottle was finished he had added it to the list. The freshness is perfect and the value for money is fantastic.


  • Red
  • ABV 12%
  • Norfolk

A Norfolk Rioja? Oh how we laughed. We were not laughing when we tasted it. This is the real deal and is indeed a bold red. It is smooth, fun, has fantastic plum fruity flavours and has that oaked Rioja finish. The perfect red with a Sunday Roast.


  • Rose
  • ABV 11%
  • Essex

This rosé stopped us right in our tracks. Elegant and refreshing, it is a fun wine that is extremely enjoyable. Provençal style rosé with hints of strawberries and citrus, this one is comparable to Whispering Angel only better because it is English!


  • Bubbles
  • ABV 12
  • Kent

There is not very often we would grab such an expensive wine and rave about it but this is delicious. An exquisite, luxurious English Sparkling wine that has the remarkable character of being suitable for any moment.


  • White
  • ABV 11%
  • Essex

The magic about wine is that every situation can call for a different type but sometimes the last thing you want to think about is that. Well, we have gone and made our very own easy-drinking Bacchus which is the perfect No1 go-to wine for any situation.

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