Pelegrims Exploration Set
Pelegrims Exploration Set
Pelegrims Exploration Set
Pelegrims Exploration Set
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Pelegrims Exploration Set
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Pelegrims Exploration Set

It won't just be the wine that gives you a glow anymore.

What do they say? 

Pelegrims make skincare products using ingredients with science, research and effectiveness at their heart. Each product uses unique grape extracts that have been made using waste grape material from Westwell Vineyard in Kent to create potent skincare formulations. By carefully formulating each product with active ingredients these products boost the skin's natural ability to heal and replenish itself to leave your skin with a healthy glow.

This Exploration set is a great place to discover the range, showcasing the latest products and all contained in a neat, washable kraft paper bag. 

What does the English Vine say?

Westwell Vineyard in Kent is home to our magnificent Champagne beater, not to mention some of our best selling wines too. So when Pelegrims approached us with their range of skincare products made from left over grape material provided by Westwell itself we just couldn't say no (although side note, they are two different companies in case you were wondering).

Think about it - grapes, waste reduction, sustainable, low intervention, wine... it ticks so many boxes! Plus a few of us on the team could definitely do with a more a healthy glow... So give it a go and maybe with a glass of Westwell Pelegrim in your hand at the same time just to ensure there really is no waste!

Here's the full run down:

Note - this is fulfilled via 48 hour working-day delivery. 

The set includes a 10ml version of our Facial Oil, Facial Balm and Hand Pomade assembled in a washable kraft paper bag. 

10ml Facial Oil | Fast acting and soothing oil with active Polyphenols from our Pinot Noir Grape Extract and seed oils to leave healthy glowing skin. Subtly scented with Fig, Grass and Rose. Four highly potent seed oils have been blended to create a fast absorbing and protective oil. Our English Pinot Noir Grape Extract contains high levels of Reveritol and Vitamins that work quickly to reduce redness and give the skin a healthy glow. Apply a few drops directly to the face in the morning and evening after using your favourite cleanser. 

10ml Hand Pomade | Intense hydration and rejuvenation for tired hands and cuticles. With Hyaluronic Acid, Provitamin B5 and our signature English Ortega Grape Extract. Scented with Rosemary Leaf, Fig and Amber. Hyaluronic Acid and Provitamin B5 work with an English Ortega Grape Vine Extract that stimulates skin cell regeneration and visibly improves the skin's appearance. Squeeze a pea-size amount of the pomade into the palm of one hand before bringing together and spreading evenly all over the hands.

10ml Facial Balm | A rich balm filled with nutrients that have been proven visibly regulate the surface and improve the appearance of the skin. Gently scented with notes of Fresh Air, Wild Rose and Sea salt. Our English Pinot Noir Grape Extract provides a fast absorbing and nutrient rich experience that leaves the skin hydrated, protected and glowing. Marine Algae extract increases natural collagen synthesis in the skin by up to 19% over a 24 hour period. Pinch a small amount of the balm between the fingers and rub together to warm before applying to the face with special attention to any lines or wrinkles.

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