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The Bacchus Buddies

The Bacchus Buddies

You'll be buddies for life.

12 bottle case

Ah, The Roman god of wine and viticulture, Bacchus. Known as the inducer of spontaneity and frenzied states of creativity.... Sounds like our marketing team on a Friday night.

Anyhow, we digress. In today's money, Bacchus has fast become known as the flagship grape of England. But you'd be mistaken if you think once you've tried one, you've tried them all. Oh no, you'd be sorely mistaken. England produces a plethora of Bacchus wines in a whole host of different styles and blends which is why we wanted to create this case. 

The Bacchus Buddies are here to take you on a journey across English Bacchus growing regions. We start on our home turf, Essex, and it's a great place to do so. We have three from the county including very our own, easy drinking Number 1. Plus excellent examples from New Hall and Toppesfield that rank just as highly for us.

Then three Bacchus blends. First it's down to Sussex for Will Davenport's organic masterpiece which we think is a little bit of magic. Then onwards to Devon and Cornwall for beauties from Lyme Bay, a house favourite, and Camel Valley which has a little extra kick but in the best possible way.

This 12 bottle case includes two bottles of each wine so you can really saviour all the best Bacchus the UK has to offer. What will be your favourite?


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The best Bacchus wines from the country, all wrapped into one case.


  • White
  • ABV 11.5%
  • Devon

We love this wine, refreshing, fun and easy drinking. This is now the favourite wine of the CEO’s wife and a go-to white in the house, ousting the previous favourite - Cloudy Bay from New Zealand.


  • White
  • ABV 11%
  • Essex

The magic about wine is that every situation can call for a different type but sometimes the last thing you want to think about is that. Well, we have gone and made our very own easy-drinking Bacchus which is the perfect No1 go-to wine for any situation.


  • White
  • ABV 11.5
  • Sussex

Another amazing organic white wine from Kent. English Vine’s CEO declares it has a little bit of magic and you must drink this on a Friday night in when you want to spoil yourself.


  • White
  • ABV 10.5
  • Essex

This Bacchus is extremely fresh and a wine you could drink all day. Try it with a curry, then continue trying it all night long - it’s that good.


  • White
  • ABV 11
  • Essex

Super easy drinking with a light scattering of va va vroom (you'll understand when you try it!). A very enjoyable easy drinking white.


  • White
  • ABV 13%
  • Cornwall

The makers say this is “perfect for sipping al fresco”. We agreed, but then we went inside and it was just as good.

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