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The East Anglia Case

The East Anglia Case

So good it will give Adnams a run for its money.

East Anglia is fast becoming an internationally recognised wine growing region exporting wines across the globe. From incredible white wines produced in Essex and Suffolk to a Norfolk red that could match any Spanish Rioja, this case of six contains all the best East Anglia has to offer. So stop buying your wine from far away and instead pick up a case of incredible wines produced on your very own doorstep. 

So, we start off with the grape that East Anglia is well known for, Bacchus. We've included three of our favourite Bacchus wines starting off with our own No.1 made in Essex. It's an easy drinking white that can't helped but be enjoyed by all. It's fun, relaxed and very well suited to a lazy weekend of countryside walks and long lunches. Next up is Giffords Hall from Suffolk, close to Lavenham. If you like Sauvignon Blanc, you will love this -  full fresh aromas and punchy green fruit. Yummy we say! The last Bacchus is from Toppesfield in Essex. It is super easy drinking with a light scattering of va va vroom (you'll understand when you try it!).

Next up is the Couch Ridge rosé from, you guessed it, Essex. Fresh, smooth and is a lot of fun all year round (plus summer is almost here!). Lastly, East Anglia produces two of our favourites English Red wines. The Winbirri Signature from Norfolk is similar in style to a Spanish Rioja and is one of the heavier style reds found in England. While the New Hall Pinot Noir from Essex is their latest vintage - smooth and silky with red cherry flavours. A great example of a cool climate red wine. So good we couldn’t stop drinking this one (responsibly of course). 

A lovely case from our home turf which we are sure, like us, you will greatly enjoy. We are very proud to support our local vineyards.

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  • White
  • ABV 11.5
  • Suffolk

This wine is fruity and refreshing, perfect wine for picnics in the park or days on the beach. English Vine warning - it goes down a little too easily!


  • White
  • ABV 11%
  • Essex

The magic about wine is that every situation can call for a different type but sometimes the last thing you want to think about is that. Well, we have gone and made our very own easy-drinking Bacchus which is the perfect No1 go-to wine for any situation.


  • Rose
  • ABV 11%
  • Essex

Fresh and fruity with a smoothness that makes it a lot of fun in the summer. If the sun is out and you’re in the garden then this is the perfect rosé.


  • White
  • ABV 11
  • Essex

Super easy drinking with a light scattering of va va vroom (you'll understand when you try it!). A very enjoyable easy drinking white.


  • Red
  • ABV 12%
  • Norfolk

A Norfolk Rioja? Oh how we laughed. We were not laughing when we tasted it. This is the real deal and is indeed a bold red. It is smooth, fun, has fantastic plum fruity flavours and has that oaked Rioja finish. The perfect red with a Sunday Roast.


  • Red
  • ABV 11.5%
  • Essex

A great example of a cool climate red wine. So good we couldn’t stop drinking this one. One of the English Vine team remarked it would be a great first date red, although given they’ve been married now for some years, we aren't entirely sure how this conclusion was formed.

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