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The Tryanuary Case

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The Tryanuary Case

Time to try this Jan.

6 bottle case

Looking for a new experience to start this year with? Why not try some great English wines that are a different from the norm! This cases contains a mix of six English wines, three whites, two reds and a trend setting sparkling for your enjoyment. Try them and open up your palate this January.

If you have never tried English wine before or want to experience new English wines then start with the Sharpham Pinot Gris. This wine is made by wild ferment which basically means it uses naturally occurring yeast, it is a simple yet fun wine which is bursting with flavour. Westwell Ortega is made with a low interventionist approach and displays lots of great floral flavours. The third white is what we call the marmite wine. Tillingham are known for their organic wines and breaking the rules. This wine has not been filtered and has minimal sulphur added so comes out a little cloudy - don't be alarmed, it is a great wine that changes with every sip! New to us this month is Whitehall Nethercote Hill, a delicious wine from Wiltshire. A hearty red which is packed with flavour and vegan friendly. The second red, Trevibban Mill Black Ram is smooth and fruity and pairs perfectly with Toblerone (if you have any left from Christmas). Finally, no case would be complete without a bottle of bubbles. Albury Classic Cuvee is a traditional sparkling wine from an organic vineyard, with no added sulphites this wine is packed with peach and citrus flavours that will leave you mouth watering. 


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What better month to try something new. Here is what you'll find in the case.


  • Bubbles
  • ABV 8.5%
  • Sussex

Pet Nat is fast becoming the latest wine to drink. It has a light sparkle, is low in alcohol and with no added sulphites. As usual Davenport has created a masterpiece with this Pet Nat. Smooth and a great drink to get the conversation going at any occasion.


  • White
  • ABV 11.5%
  • Devon

The Wild One.


  • White
  • ABV 11.5%
  • Kent

One to enjoy in your comfiest chair when all you want to do is hunker down and have some 'me time'.


  • White
  • ABV 10.5
  • Sussex

What we love about Tillingham is that they combine the best scientific knowledge with ancient traditions. Something that you don't see too often. The Tillingham white would go with almost anything. In fact, we had it with a fry up (to be fair it was the afternoon!).


  • Red
  • ABV 11.5%
  • Wiltshire

Best paired with hearty laughs


  • Red
  • ABV 12.5%
  • Cornwall

A smooth, fruity and well balanced wine. We had this wine with a white Toblerone and it went perfectly together. If you like a fruity wine you will love this.

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