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The Ultimate Picnic Pack
Case Of Wine - The Ultimate Picnic Pack
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The Ultimate Picnic Pack

Just add a feast.

Due to popular demand and after a lot of debate in the office about how many bottles is acceptable for a picnic, we bring to you our Ultimate Picnic Pack. Designed to accompany any outdoor dining experience, this will no doubt be the showpiece. Three bottles made for the occasion, three full sized refillable bottles to hold the wine and keep it perfectly chilled for up to 24 hours and four tough, unbreakable, metal goblets. You turn up with this lot and you'll make any picnic become a day that won't be forgotten!  

The wines? Here's the lowdown on our top picnic picks: 

Number 1 - Produced by us in Essex and made from grapes picked from the oldest Bacchus vineyard in the country. We developed this easy-drinking white for times just like this. It's the perfect pairing for picnics and one bottle might not be enough! 

Toppesfield Rosé - This rosé from Toppesfield in Essex is a summer crowd pleaser. Fresh and crisp, it has hints of English strawberries and citrus. We feel it is like Whispering Angel but better.

Lyme Bay Shoreline - We love this wine, refreshing, fun and easy drinking. This is now the favourite wine of the CEO’s wife. After tasting, the CEO took an extra bottle back home to taste again, left it in the fridge, only to come back and find it all but gone! 

As well as the wine, this pack contains three refillable, full sized wine bottles and four goblets. The refillable bottle holds a full bottle of wine (750ml), is dish-washer friendly and most importantly keeps wine chilled for up to 24 hours (so you can ditch that annoying wine cooler bag). It pairs perfectly with our metal goblets - tough, travel-friendly and unbreakable. They feel great in the hand and will be the talk of any picnic. 


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For the moments you can't put into words.


We got bored with the same old glasses, breaking, being a pain to wash up. All those wine experts out there telling us it has to be glass... Well no surprise but we decided to create our own version. Tough, travel-friendly and made to be enjoyed whatever you're drinking.


  • White
  • ABV 11.5%
  • Devon

We love this wine, refreshing, fun and easy drinking. This is now the favourite wine of the CEO’s wife and a go-to white in the house, ousting the previous favourite - Cloudy Bay from New Zealand.


  • Ros√©
  • ABV 11%
  • Essex

This rosé stopped us right in our tracks. Elegant and refreshing, it is a fun wine that is extremely enjoyable. Provençal style rosé with hints of strawberries and citrus, this one is comparable to Whispering Angel only better because it is English!


  • White
  • ABV 11%
  • Essex

The magic about wine is that every situation can call for a different type but sometimes the last thing you want to think about is that. Well, we have gone and made our very own easy-drinking Bacchus which is the perfect No1 go-to wine for any situation.

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