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The Organic Case

The Organic Case

100% organic. 100% vine-tastic and hangover free. T&Cs apply. Hangovers may go down as well as up.

Our certified English wine organic case. These incredibly drinkable wines are made solely with organic grapes and do not have any added sulphites or non-organic elements added. Remember, sulphites occur naturally during fermentation, so no wine is completely sulphite-free, but those without added sulphites will often have sulphite levels so low they are undetectable. Also, this has not 100% been proven, but rumour has it - no hangovers!

In this case, we have three white wines and three sparkling wines and all organically produced. Brilliant we say and hopefully the start of more to come despite the perils of achieving this in the UK weather....

Forty Hall Bacchus is produced in London's only vineyard and has that lovely feel good factor from the moment you take your first sip. The Davenport Horsmonden is made by the boss of English organic winemaking, Will Davenport, who sets the benchmark for organically grown wines in the UK. This white is a little bit of magic with peach fruit and floral flavours which really sets it apart and will become a permanent fixture in your wine rack. The last still white is Tillingham which has a smokey stone fruit aroma. We recommend pairing this with a full English fry up, trust us it cuts through the grease perfectly!

As for the bubbles, we have the Albury Classic Cuvee, an award winning sparkling wine from Surrey. Oxney Estate NV is from the largest organic vineyard in England. The wine is fresh and crisp, just what we love in an English Sparkling wine. Lastly, another wine from Will Davenport, the Limney Estate. So good that the Founder of The English Vine took six bottles for his own personal collection when it first arrived at the warehouse. Never to be seen again (except in his recycling bin....).

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Chosen personally by Neil, our Vine-O in Chief who eats, sleeps and tastes English wines every single day (and occasionally remembers to breathe too). Neil's passionate about the environment and that makes this case very special to him. Here's his top organic picks...


  • White
  • ABV 10.5
  • Sussex

What we love about Tillingham is that they combine the best scientific knowledge with ancient traditions. Something that you don't see too often. The Tillingham white would go with almost anything. In fact, we had it with a fry up (to be fair it was the afternoon!).


  • White
  • ABV 11.5
  • Sussex

Another amazing organic white wine from Kent. English Vine’s CEO declares it has a little bit of magic and you must drink this on a Friday night in when you want to spoil yourself.


  • Bubbles
  • ABV 11%
  • Sussex

Organic and vegan what more do you what from a sparkling rosé, other than the delicious flavours of apples and strawberries. Oh wait it has those too! This is the wine to add some glamour to a night with your mates.


  • Bubbles
  • ABV 11.5%
  • Sussex

The English Organic Boss.

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