It's that time of year again! The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and it's time to get our picnic game on while the sun is still shining. Whether you're looking for a romantic escape with your special someone or just some quality family time outdoors, nothing beats an al-fresco lunch in the sunshine - especially if it's accompanied by some delightful English wine!

Luckily, we have just the picnic packing list to help you make sure your picnic is as perfect as possible.

The English Vine's picnic packing list


The food

A picnic wouldn't be complete without some delicious food! Whether you decide to make it yourself or order ready-made dishes, make sure you have something for everyone. Finger foods are generally best as they're easy to eat on the go and lightweight to pack. Here's a few ideas to get your creative juices going:

  • Assortment of finger foods and sandwiches, mini quiches, mini pies, wraps, olives, breadsticks, hummus, fruit kebabs etc.
  • Cold meats and a cheese board with crackers
  • Picnic-friendly salads like potato or macaroni salad
  • Hot food can work too, just make sure it's kept in an insulated container and eaten shortly after.
  • Sweet desserts such as cupcakes, cookies or brownies

The drinks

We say that no picnic is complete without some English wine! We recommend The Ultimate Picnic Pack, featuring three bottles of award-winning English sparkling wine, refillable bottles to keep your wine cool for as long as 24 hours, plus metal goblets to drink from. It's really an all inclusive set to bring your picnic game to the next level.

The wines in this Picnic Pack include: Number 1, an easy to drink white wine for all occasions, Toppesfield Rosé, a summer crowd-pleaser, bursting with strawberries and citrus, and the Lyme Bay Shoreline, the CEO favourite, both refreshing and easy to drink. If you fancy just singular bottles, have a gander here.

For our humble non-drinkers, we have just the zero-alcohol alternative for you with our Alchemy Rose Zero Sparkling Alcohol, created for maximum enjoyment and minimal guilt.

Cutlery, plates and glasses

Whether they're the real deal or disposable versions, make sure you don't forget the essentials. We suggest bringing reusable plastic plates, tumblers and cutlery - they’re lightweight and won’t break - we know how temperamental picnics can be.

A picnic basket or something to carry everything in

Nothing says picnic like a proper wicker hamper. Invest in something stylish and spacious, with plenty of compartments to store the food, cutlery and glasses. If you don't have a hamper, you can always improvise with an ice cream box or cool bag - just make sure it's big enough for your drinks too...

Picnic blanket or rug

Depending on the picnic location, a picnic rug or blanket is essential for creating a comfy seating area, especially if there's not going to be a picnic table or bench at hand and we definitely don't want to be held accountable for any soggy bottoms. Choose something waterproof and easy to wipe clean, with plenty of space for everyone - after all, nobody likes a cramped picnic! If you have the capacity, you can also opt for foldaway chairs too, for maximum comfort.

The miscellaneous

Now that we have the main components covered, here are a few extras to consider:

  • Refreezable ice packs -  to keep your food and drinks cool
  • Sunscreen - for those of us who burn easily
  • Insect repellent - no one wants to be eaten alive by pesky bugs
  • Bottle opener -  make sure you don't forget this one!
  • Paper napkins and paper towels  -  for any inevitable spillages and messes
  • Plastic bag / trash bags  -  to help keep your picnic spot tidy

It's time to get packing. With this picnic checklist in hand, you're sure to have an absolute blast at your next al fresco lunch with friends and family.

Don't forget the English wine - it'll be a guaranteed hit on any sunny day. Well, maybe not so much for the kids but the adults will certainly appreciate it. So what are you waiting for? Grab that wicker hamper and buy all your picnic bits and bobs soon as you'll never know when the sun might appear.

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