Zero Waste What?

Hello, Neil here. I'm the Founder of The English Vine and it's time to be serious for a moment. I and the whole Vine team are incredibly passionate about the environment and it's about time the wine industry was too.

Did you know for example that the majority of the carbon footprint produced by a wine bottle is not the transport – it’s packaging. The glass bottle alone equates to 39% of the total 1.215kg CO2 emitted by a single wine bottle (not helped by the fact that UK only recycles around 50% of all glass bottles). Throw in the enclosure (cork or cap), cardboard and label and it results almost half of the total product carbon footprint from the packaging – 46% in fact

And that is where I and the team want to start in my goal to produce zero-waste wine. We will start by focusing on the packaging which can drastically lower both the carbon and water footprint whilst never compromising the wine.

If you’re interested to hearing in more or perhaps even being the first what we hope to be the first of many environmental breakthroughs, then drop in your details below.

We promise to only give you updates on this topic, nothing more, nothing less. The way it should be.