English Wedding Wines

Getting married? Want some locally produced English Wine to make the big day that bit more special but not sure where to start? Well, we’ve got you covered.

We can help you choose the best English wines for your wedding, suggesting a range of options best suited to every moment of your big day.

Whether it’s the opening reception drinks, pairing the perfect wine with the wedding breakfast or having the glasses charged with the wedding sparkling wine for the best man’s speech - we can curate the perfect English Wine list for you.

So how does it work? Simply fill out our dedicated Wedding form below and we’ll be in touch. You’ll have a chat with either Neil, the Founder, or Elizabeth, our expert Sommelier, and they will listen to your specific needs and help you create your perfect day. No obligation, just a chat.

We can then send you a range of English Wine samples to taste during a dedicated Zoom call with Neil or Lizzie. They’ll talk you through the samples, give you our no-nonsense lowdown on them and suggest when they would work best. Again, there is no cost to you and no obligation at all. That’s not us.

No matter what your needs, we can help find some great English Wine for your wedding.

Still want to know more? Scroll down and read top wedding FAQs…

What weddings services do you offer?

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We can go as big or as small as you want. Want us to supply all the English Wines for your wedding and be there on the big day to talk to your guests about them? No problem. Want us to supply all the drinks, set up a bar and serve all night long? No problem. Just need some cases of deliciousEnglish Sparkling wine for the wedding toasts?  No problem, we’ll get them delivered for free. Want to go all out with wines fresh from the keg? No problem, we can do that thanks to our fully electric Vine Van.

Can you pair wine with our food menu?

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Yes, 100%. If you’ve already decided on the food, we can work through your menu, speak to the caterers and create the perfect pairings.

Do you work directly with caterers?

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This is a common request and the answer is absolutely we can. Just hook us up and we get cracking.

Do you do buy-back?

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Yeap. We do. Any un-used bottles which are in the same condition as they arrived and are unopened, we will take back and refund you for. Simple.

Can you help with glassware, ice, refrigerator etc.?

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Yes, we can normally meet most requests, but with the caveat that it depends on specific requirements and size of the wedding.

If you don’t stock the English Wine we want, can you still supply it?

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As long as we like it we can (we’ll try our best for sure!).

What’s the best way to buy wine for my wedding?

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It is recommended to budget ½ bottle of wine per person (you could go to 0.65 / per person if it’s a thirsty bunch), in a ratio of 2bottles of white to 1 bottle of red as white is more popular for weddings. ForSparkling, you need 2 glasses per person, one at the reception and one for the toast. That would be 1/3 of a bottle assuming you get 6 glasses in total per bottle. So, let’s give an example. You have 120 guests:

60 bottles of wine in total (that’s allowing for 1/2 bottle each)

That would be 40 white, 20 red (2:1 ratio of white to red)

40 bottles of sparkling (each guest has 2 glasses = 1/3 bottle, so 120 / 3 = 40)

Can you give me some examples of English wines that might work for us?

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So, Sauvignon Blanc is a really popular wine at UK weddings. Luckily, England has an option as good if not better, if we do say so ourselves. The Bacchus grape is second only to Chardonnay as the most planted white grape in the UK (the latter typically used for Sparkling Wine) and has a similar style to Sauvignon Blanc. Bacchus wines go really well with seafood, a bit of spice or washing down crispy, salty meat. They are typically very easy drinking and refreshing - perfect for a wedding. Check out our own 100% Bacchus wine, Number 1, or Lyme Bay Shoreline as good examples.

For English Sparkling Wine, we have world famous champagne Beaters. Read more here, but these are the English Sparkling Wines that took on the likes of Veuve Clicquot, Moet, Lanson to name but a few and won in a blind tasting. There are also other great wallet-friendly choices, such as Kingscote Sparkling Rosé.

Do you offer discounts for weddings?

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Yes we can for sure. Once we have an idea of requirements and volume, we’ll make sure you get the best possible price.

What is the Electric Vine Van?

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We are incredibly focused on the environment and where possible want to reduce our impact. One way we do this is through our transport. We have invested in a fully electric van but we haven’t stopped there. Almost 50% of the carbon footprint from a bottle of wine comes from the glass bottle and associated packaging. So we’ve converted the Vine Van to take massive kegs of wine which allow us to pour straight into the glass. This is all powered by an integrated solar power system.

We can drive the electric vine van to your wedding venue, park up, set up a bar and start pouring wine into glasses right from the back. Pretty cool hey?

What parts of the country do you cover?

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We’ll go where you are (within reason!).

Can you do non-English Wines as well?

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Yeap, no problem. We have a list of wines that typically come from small, family-run vineyards which may be off the beaten track but who all produce incredible wines. We call it the Secret Vine.

What about local beer & non alcoholic drinks for weddings?

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Yeap, we are well connected and can help on that front. We also offer a non-alcoholic Sparkling Wine, which we actually like (finding one is harder than you think!).

Got any tips for the first dance song?

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I’ll Be There by the Jackson 5