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Our Story

Amazing wine, but without the nonsense.


We are removing the snobbiness, the pretentiousness, the intimidation - everything we hate about the wine industry.

Too many of us have been left with no choice but to judge the wine by the label. We intend to change that. We will make wine approachable, fun and most of all understandable. In fact we will be everything the wine industry isn’t.

Our mission starts with English wine. Too long it has taken a back seat or been immediately written off. We are here to change that by giving English wine a new life - one that is full of flavour, colour, taste and is just lovely to drink again and again.

But we won’t stop there. We will continue across Europe to find more hidden gems. Those that might produce just 200 bottles a year, that have never travelled beyond the local market, that are unheard of internationally or even a few miles down the road. This is what we call “the Secret Vine”.

Welcome to our wine revolution.

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Follow our journey of disruption, fun and a little bit of trouble making. 

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Where to get more bang for your buck.

Jul 29, 2020


Here at the English Vine we think wine should be for the majority, not the minority. But sometimes waiting 24h for our next day delivery can be the be all and end all. So, as generous as we are, we’re here to give you some wine available to buy in your local UK supermarket right now.
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Why does English wine seem to cost more?

Jul 29, 2020


Have you ever found yourself wandering down the wine aisle and almost choke at the prices of English wine? Why is that? Let’s put the spotlight on the growing English Sparkling Wine market.
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