One of the UK’s largest online retailers for English wine, The English Vine, is leading the way in sustainable winemaking in the UK and has today launched the first paper bottle for English wine as part of its own wine range.

Many wine drinkers are unaware of the carbon footprint of a single bottle of wine which according to research is around 1.28kg of CO2.  46% of this figure is attributed to the packaging of the wine alone.*

Although glass is often seen as an environmentally friendly option, the weight of the glass bottle along with its transportation are a few of the factors contributing to its carbon footprint. Research also suggests a large number of glass bottles are in fact still being thrown into landfill, with only 71% of glass bottles actually recycled.**

The English Vine has committed to ditching glass bottles for good by producing all its wine in paper bottles within the next five years. The Frugal Bottle is made in the UK by sustainable packaging company Frugalpac and is five times lighter than a glass bottle with a carbon footprint 84% lower than that of a glass bottle. A recent poll by Survation of 1,700 UK wine drinkers found 63% would buy wine in a paper bottle.***

English wine-based company The English Vine is determined to change the perception and practice of wine packaging to promote more sustainable winemaking and has now launched its new paper bottles of their own wine to the market - the first winemaker in the UK to do so.

The new paper bottles consist of paper packaging along with a food grade pouch inside (also recyclable) to keep the wine sealed and secure. The new paper bottles will enable The English Vine to achieve 50% of their own wine packaging to be non-glass.

Said Neil Walker, founder of The English Vine: “As winemakers, I believe we have a responsibility to make positive steps towards more environmentally methods in winemaking. I think packaging is definitely a good place to start, as apart from in certain areas of winemaking where glass bottling in required, there is no reason not to make this change other than misplaced preconceptions about packaging for wine.

“I think consumers often view the non-glass packaged options of wine as lower quality, perhaps because in the past it’s fair to say there were some more mass-produced or perhaps lower quality wines which have used this form of packaging. However, we want to lead the way to show that your wine will be just as enjoyable and high quality in a more environmentally friendly packaging such as our new paper bottles.”

Another environmentally friendly addition the Essex based wine producer will be rolling out the bottomless bottle service in Essex this summer using its electric wine van. Company founder Neil Walker explains: “Think milk float, but with wine. We’ve created a service which we’ll be offering to local Essex customers. Customers can use our Vine refillable bottles, or just any bottle they have around the house, and we’ll refill them direct from kegs in the van as requested. We will deliver these to the customer’s door and collect their empties on a weekly basis or whenever it suits them.” 

“English wine has come a long way and now rivals any of its European neighbours. There are huge benefits to buying local, not just the environmental impact, but also supporting local business and communities.

Our aim at The English Vine is to be 100% non-glass packaging over the next five years, however we now need our customers to come along with us on this journey and help break down those preconceptions about non-glass packaging for wine. We’re hopeful that with an increasing number of people more aware about the carbon footprint of a glass bottle of wine, many will be supportive in this step forward we’re making in UK winemaking. We’re proud to be leading the way in sustainability for wine packaging in the UK.

Fancy tasting the difference? Check out our comparison case for the true test! 




* https://www.ipoint-systems.com/blog/getting-it-straight-exact-carbon-emissions-from-one-bottle-of-wine/

** https://www.recyclenow.com/recycling-knowledge/how-is-it-recycled/glass

*** Source: Frugalpac


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