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  • Low ABV
  • Easy drinking
  • Neil's Favourite


Alchemy Rose Sparkling Zero Alcohol

Have we finally cracked it?

  • 75CL
  • ABV 0%

What do they say?

A sparkling, salmon pink rosé which is laden with flavours of red apple, red grapes and ripe peach. Perfect for big celebrations or a quiet night in. Created for maximum enjoyment and minimal guilt, Community.Co Zero Alcohol Rosé has zero alcohol and half the calories of your average glass of sparkling wine.

What does the English Vine say?

We had all but given up on the search for a zero alcohol wine and instead continued pointing folks to Appletiser instead such was the poor quality on the market when it comes to such wines. However, with CEO's wife becoming pregnant this somewhat energised the search and after a lot of anguish and failures, we finally found one that we like! Seriously, we're equally amazed too...

So say hello to the Alchemy Rose Sparkling. This is truly the first zero-alcohol wine we've enjoyed and wanted a second glass of (let alone a second sip of as was the case with other zero alcohol wines we tasted on this quest). Oh, and did we say it has half the calories of your average glass of sparkling wine? 

The only problem is that Neil forgot to share the first bottle with his wife as he was so shocked how good it tasted! Try it and let us know your thoughts. Have we finally cracked it? 

Try this if you like:

No hangovers. 

Few extra things you should know:

£0.25 from the sale of this bottle will be donated to NHS Charities Together (registered charity no. 1186569).

This isn't technically an English Wine. It's from German grapes but made for a Suffolk company. But we'll let it off as this is definitely the first zero alcohol wine we like! 


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"This is technically not a wine, it is a sparkling tisane. A refreshing and friendly, balanced non-alcoholic drink which combines sparkling fermented grape juice with premium green tea." - David Rowledge, Winemaker.

  • Vintage NV
  • Grape NA
  • Closure Cork
  • Region Guest
  • Vegan Yes
  • Organic No
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