The Alternative Wine Tastings

You, your family, friends or colleagues, some amazing English wines and us. What better way to bond over a new experience, have a lot of laughs doing so and discover a variety of incredible wine made on your doorstep?

These aren't your usual stuffy wine tastings however. We'll bring our best chat and let you really discover what our wines are about in a way that everyone can understand, even your Auntie Dora. We’ll even ask you to bring a beer (you’ll find out why on the day).

So how does it work?

We need at least 6 people (think 3 couples for example) and typically no more than 12 but we are happy to accommodate a larger group. Just ask.

We’ll send out a wine tasting box containing your samples (each sample is around a full glass, so plenty to enjoy) and we’ll throw in a few extra bits and pieces for fun too. You’ll get your box 1 or 2 days before (any longer and the wine would spoil unfortunately).

What we send will depend on the agreed budget (see below for more on that) and any preferences you have. For example, a summer tasting is more likely to be rosé and whites, whilst a winter tasting would be reds). But we are very flexible and can tailor something just for you. 

Due to current Covid restrictions the event itself is currently done via a zoom call which we will host and invite you to join.  Typically, the wine tasting will last between 1-1.5 hours but can go longer, especially if more wines are being tasted.

UPDATE: As lockdown eases and outdoor drinking is allowed, we are introducing in-person wine tastings if in accordance with Government guidelines. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in this.

Dates and times depend on our availability but we usually need a minimum of 3-4 days notice. We can do evenings and sometimes weekends too. Again, just ask.

How much does it cost?

Prices start from £50 per person. Non-drinkers and casual observers are welcome free of charge and can of course join in all the fun and ask questions too.

The price includes everything including wine, delivery, an English Vine expert, some incredible chat, bad jokes, a few extra fun bits thrown in and the event itself lasting for 1 - 1.5 hours. Guests will also then get a 10% discount on any subsequent orders they wish to place.

The wines we include will depend on the budget, season, availability and allow for any personal preferences you or the group may have but typically it will be 6 wines to taste. We can also include half or full bottles of Sparkling wines if the budget allows.

OK, I’m interested…

Give us a shout using the form below and we can make a plan. We’ll try to get back to you on the same or next day.