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Case Of Wine - Zero Alcohol Sparkling Case


Zero Alcohol Sparkling Case

Alcohol Free Wine!

6 bottle case

  • ABV 0%

A zero alcohol sparkling wine! Yes! Can you believe that after endless tastings we've finally found one and all thanks to our CEO's wife falling pregnant and still wanting to enjoy a guilt-free glass of wine. 

That is right, the Alchemy Rose Sparkling is truly the first zero-alcohol wine we've enjoyed and wanted to continue pouring and with some pride too. A sparkling, salmon pink rosé which is laden with flavours of red apple, red grapes and ripe peach. Perfect for big celebrations or a quiet night in. Oh, and did we say it has half the calories of your average glass of sparkling wine? 

So if you're looking for a hang-over free wine with zero alcohol then this is the case for you! 


£0.25 from the sale of this bottle will be donated to NHS Charities Together (registered charity no. 1186569).

This isn't technically an English Wine. It's from German grapes but made for a Suffolk company. But we'll let it off as this is definitely the first alcohol free wine we really like! 

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Every now and again, we all need that alcohol free moment. In truth (and my fingers are not crossed behind my back), this is a great bottle of bubbles. Great freshnesses and flavour. It enables the celebrations to happen for everyone, even those who are driving or just fancy having an alcohol free moment!

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