The days are shorter and the weather is colder, but it’s not all bad - it’s also the perfect time to stock up on bottles of winter warmers for the upcoming festive season. Is there a more perfect Sunday afternoon than snuggling up by a fireplace, fluffy socks on, candles burning, and a glass of something that you could drink several bottles of? 

It's true, winter is a great time to drink English red wines - the perfect pairing with hearty stews and boxes of chocolates on the sofa, but English White Wines are great in winter too. Deliciously light white notes blend excellently with dishes that have strong flavours, typical in winter.

But ultimately, whether it's an red or white, rosé or sparkling, winter is simply a great time to drink English wine - surrounded by loved ones and cuddled up in woolly jumpers after a dog walk, there is nothing better to get us through the dreary, and never-ending cold winter. 

If you’re wondering what to stock up on this chilly season, you can always opt for a case of our favourite Winter Warmer Reds, or our Winter Warmer Mixed case. Or, with the handsome discount on both boxes, why not buy both?

Perhaps you’d rather buy by the bottle, or just know why our wines are irresistible in this cold weather, in which case, keep reading for some of our favourites. 

London Cru Pinot Noir Précoce

This adventurous red is best described by imagining somebody who has lived in London for the last few years, tried out all the local wine bars, and now that they’ve done their exploring, they appreciate a wine that stands out from the crowd.

Made by a contract winery in London, this vegan bottle is dipped in wax to finish off the feeling of luxury. The précoce part in Pinot noir is down to the grape variety being an early ripener, and this one was grown just last year.

Buy 6 London Cru Pinot Noir Précoce for £17.99

Winbirri Signature

Norfolk is known for its beautiful countryside and broads, but to us, for the Winbirri Signature. When we heard the Norfolk Rioja was a bottle worth buying, we laughed it off. We’re not laughing anymore - it’s our go to when the rain is coming down heavily outside and the fire is crackling.

It’s worth buying a crate of 6, or even 12, of these, as they’ll sell fast with Christmas on the horizon. Equally as delicious with a Sunday roast, any crystal ball would tell you the Winbirri Signature will be on plenty of lucky Christmas tables this year.

This smooth red goes down exceptionally well with a bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate, and yes, it has to be Cadbury. Be careful though, this light wine goes down very easily. So for every sip, you’ve got a reason to take two squares of chocolate. Thank us later.

Buy 6 Norfolk Winbirri Signature for £14.39

 Litmus Red Pinot Noir

Looking for a bottle to share with a loved one over a game of Monopoly? You’ve found it.

Smooth and velvety, and full of vibrant flavours, this wine is definitely one for sharing with somebody special. If you’ve got some family or friends visiting this festive season, you’ll be sure to impress them with a few bottles of this pale, cherry red wine. 

Buy 6 Surrey Litmus Red Pinot Noir for £22.94


Number 1

Not to blow our own trumpet, but our very own wine is pretty darn good. A delicious Bacchus, that's great for drinking at any and all times - it's nearly Christmas after all.

This party season, stock up on this beauty and impress your colleagues and friends at parties. A bottle or two of this goes brilliantly with finger food, and is one that everybody will enjoy.

Buy 6 Number 1 English White for £12.59

Westwell Ortega

Hunker down on a cosy night after a busy day in the office with a glass of this white, and you'll not be disappointed. A floral and fruity bottle that gives you a feeling of content after just a few sips, this wine has won awards for its dry and fresh flavours.

The legendary winery in the Kent Downs produced this light style of wine, that's similar to a Muscadet. From the Ortega German grape, this bottle is a real crowd-pleaser, but we’d recommend keeping it to yourself.

Buy 6 Kent Westwell Ortega for £14.84 

Great Windsor Park Sparkling Rosé

Our Founder Neil describes this bottle as his ‘warrior princess wine’ - he had consumed a few bottles when he said this.

This bottle is soft and eloquent, a real top wine. If you’re in the market for something to blow your socks off for a special occasion, then this is the ticket. Competing against the top brands out there, we’d place a bet that its flavours will beat your current favourite.

Buy 6 Great Windsor Park Sparkling Rose for £44.99

There is something so satisfying about ending a cold, winter day with a glass of delicious English wine. So wash away the winter blues with a bottle or two of our suggestions, we know that you won’t be disappointed.

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